9 Signs You Need Gov2Biz Licensing Software

It can be difficult to keep up with innovation. Maybe your agency has been diligently searching for an effective way to make the licensing process more efficient. You might have been using your current system for years, and don’t even know where to start making changes. Despite your efforts, you may have found yourself with a host of new troubles rather than a better system. If you are using paper processes, a homegrown solution, or most of the common commercially-available licensing software, chances are you have one or more of these symptoms:

You are behind on your metrics:

Agencies are measured by how long it takes to accomplish tasks (approving licenses, completing cancellations, etc.), and a manual process slows progress and reporting. Even though most commercial systems will report where your organization stands at a given point in time, they often don’t record trends to help you predict where you are heading. This makes the entire process reactionary, and you end up having to explain why you are behind on your metrics.

If you can’t stay with the old paper system, but can’t rely on common commercial software, then what should you be looking for? An ideal system fully automates your processes and provides useful, predictive information to give you a glimpse of the future.

There’s an upcoming sunset commission review:

Sunset reviews can be frustrating, especially if you feel unprepared. Manual processes are inherently inefficient, and most commercial software products simply create pockets of automation that only partially help because they don’t allow departments to collaborate in their work. This causes inefficiencies in your processes, slipped deadlines, unhappy licensees, backlogs, and overtime, all of which leave you feeling unprepared every time a sunset review is around the corner.

An effective licensing system cuts down on busywork and gives you a chance to start putting measures in place to prepare for sunset reviews two to three years in advanced instead of last minute.

You spend too much time mailing paperwork:

Whether it is renewals, cancellations, or deficiencies, you have to mail out a ton of paperwork. A typical renewal requires a minimum of 5 different reminders or notifications to licensees. Apart from routine mailing, there are also event-driven notifications, such as deficiencies. Through a manual or partially-automated commercial system, mailing can become a slog of time-consuming busywork.

A well-automated system will remove the need for manual mailing, streamlining the process and giving your employees more time to work on important matters.

You are getting bad press for you licensing and enforcement:

Manual processes and many commercially-available licensing software solutions allow too much subjectivity and are difficult to consistently enforce. This can lead to real and apparent differences in the standards utilized by different employees. This is enough fodder for the media and critics to unfairly label your organization.

A consistent and efficient system doesn’t allow for this ambiguity, leaving far less ammunition for critics.

You dread preparing for administrative hearings:

Administrative hearings can be daunting, and you want to make sure you’re prepared. To come out unscathed in these hearings, you must present a clear, unbiased, systemic record of actions, transactions, and communications. With a manual process, preparing for administrative hearings can be tedious and error-prone. Commercial licensing software products also offer little respite in this space, leaving you to fend for yourself.

A good licensing software gives you the tools you need to clearly document and display everything that goes on in your organization, making administrative hearings much easier and informative.

Reporting is time-consuming and often inaccurate:

When the legislature is in session, you field requests for numerous reports. Maybe there have been times where you either could not produce one, or its data was inaccurate. Even quarterly and annual reporting seem like ordeals. Commercial licensing software rarely provide cross-departmental reports and, even if they do, cost an arm and a leg in fees just so you can report on your own data!

Reporting is easy under a well-automated system. All information can be easily and accurately documented and accessed.

You have an aging workforce:

Your aging workers have memorized your agency’s processes and policies, but you realize that expertise will vanish once they retire. Hard as it is to find younger talent, any such recruits will have to refer to documents and administrative codes, slowing the process and making errors.

A good system is simple to understand and helps newcomers quickly master the process, reducing wasted time and mistakes.

You are constantly hiring temporary workers:

With manual processes or pockets of automation offered by most commercial licensing software products, you still find yourself constantly looking for temporary workers or paying for overtime, causing your annual budget to come short. You’ll have to keep putting off projects and explaining to the legislature why you still need more money to get them done.

Less overtime and less temporary work is the luxury afforded by a good system. Automation cuts tedious busywork down, making it easier for your actual employees to get all their projects finished on schedule and on budget.

You are paying too much for your licensing software:

Most commercial licensing software providers nickel-and-dime you. It is hard to understand what you are getting for that hefty invoice or why things aren’t getting faster despite the huge sums you are paying. It is common for licensing software vendors to make their contracts so complicated that you never really know what you are paying for, often charging you for things that you don’t need.

A good provider doesn’t try to trick you, but gives you a clear understanding of what you are paying for and makes sure their service is worth the price you pay.

If any of the above problems sound familiar, you need a better licensing software that will offer full automation, give an honest and clear explanation of cost, and streamline your processes in a way that will actually make work faster and more efficient.

Gov2Biz is an end-to-end licensing software that allows you to run your entire regulatory agency on one platform. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.