Make Reporting a Breeze

With Gov2biz, you can access a myriad ready-to-use reports, view live dashboards and even create your own reports with a click of a button.

Live Dashboards

You can get an eagle’s view of your entire regulatory agency without even generating a report. Our standard live dashboards provide you a birds-eye-view of everything going on in your agency with up-to-the-second accuracy. Quickly find out commonly sought information, such as applications open, processing speed, oldest open application, processing time by employee, inspections open, complaints received, etc.

Detailed Reporting

When you need to know more than just “where things stand,” you can draw detailed, canned reports at the click of a button. Be it for your quarterly metrics report to the Legislature, or to understand the trends of how each employee is performing, you can simply and quickly get access to that data on Gov2Biz. You can also export all reports to Excel or PDF if you need to file them away or have a hard copy on hand.

Custom, Ad-hoc reporting

PowerQuery is a completely customizable reporting engine that lets you combine any and all attributes of licenses across departments and generate a real-time report that you can readily export to Excel or PDF. Even if it is an obscure combination, such as dates, zip code, sub-chapter, complaint count, and inspection history, you can generate a report without any programming background or  IT intervention.

View Reports on the go

Gov2biz is responsive to the screen size and orientation of your device, so you can view live and instant reports on your phone, your smartwatch, your PC or a jumbotron. With pretty looking reports, and all the efficiencies you derive from Gov2biz, we hope you show them off on a jumbotron, or at least at the capitol on your smartphone.