Abby - Your friendly Voice Bot. Give your customers the support they deserve, and your employees the relief they do

About 40% of your incoming calls are licensees calling to check the status of their applications.  Another 15% or so  are licensees wanting to know things like: “when does my license expire?” “when can I renew?” etc.

If you are like most agencies, you probably have your employees pulling double duty, fielding calls and doing their daily work. This means slower processing, more calls, more errors and drained employees.

If you have a call center, then it is a big line item on your budget, and you are inadvertently in a call center business; tracking and managing numerous call center metrics, and reporting them to legislators.

Whatever your situation, Gov2Biz’s friendly voice bot : Abby can help you lower your costs, and increase processing rates, without breaking a sweat or the bank. 

Great Customer Experience

Abby understands natural, conversational language and responds in a friendly, reassuring tone and a human voice. She can handle off-topic questions elegantly and provide a great experience to your callers.

24x7x365 Available

Abby works round the clock, late nights, early mornings, weekends, National holidays, State holidays and all. She can field hundreds of licensee calls at the same time, so your licensees can get answers anytime they want, and your employees, the quiet time they deserve.

Powered by Alexa

Abby is powered by the same neural engine that powers Alexa, which runs millions of smart speakers, cars and IOT devices. You enjoy the assurance of a market tested technology, and while your licensees enjoy a truly great customer experience.

She Gets Smarter

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Abby keeps getting smarter. She picks up nuances specific to your agency, your callers, your business and delivers an experience that gets even better over time. 

Drop the R's or roll them, Abby gets them

Abby understands accents. Your licensees may be global citizens sporting a variety of accents. Abby understands them and is able to help them.

True Omni channel support

Abby can seamlessly integrate in to your existing call tree, website chat and even handle social media messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twilio etc. This allows your licensees to have the same elegant experience across different channels.