Instead of building a disparate set of “tools” that are unrelated to each other, we built a platform that allows multiple solutions to run as one. With the flexibility for you to choose the business functions you need, but without compromising the technological capabilities.

What does platform even mean?

Platform is a set of foundational features, capabilities, design decisions that enable and power all our products. It also is the way that all our products communicate with each other.

An example

Lets say you are a public safety organization, who is currently seeking only to modernize its licensing process, and you use Gov2biz for your licensing. At some point, your enforcement division feels that their case management system is not serving them. You can simply “turn on” Gov2biz’s case management, and the most current licensing data, flows right in, and both your enforcement and licensing can collaborate in real time.

Both your departments are now powered by the same platform, enjoy all the integrations, document management, cloud native feature set, a consistent user interface, all without having to go through another round of procurement, vendor selection, data migration or anything else.