Regular compliance inspections are a lifeline of regulatory licensing agency. Whether scheduled or unannounced, they provide a glimpse on how licensees perform their day-to-day operations, and how they are staying true to their licensing and other statutory requirements.

However, inspections are a labor-intensive process with travel needs, scheduling and rescheduling issues, difficulties of incomplete questionnaires, cash handling and several others.

That is why we built Gov2biz Inspections. A powerful, fully integrated inspections toolset to schedule, perform, process and follow up inspections and site visits effectively.

Prioritize Inspections

Gov2Biz provides the option to prioritize inspections based on the actual risk of default and non-compliance, rather than spreading inspectors across a licensee base. Gov2biz uses historical information about the licensee, contextual information, and other factors to assess and assign risks to each license.

Schedule Inspections Efficiently

Inspectors need to cover a lot of physical area, which can make assigning them complicated. This is further compounded by the various necessary skills and experience level of each inspector, not to mention their schedules. Gov2Biz makes it simple to group, assign and re-assign inspections based on geography, skill level and the most efficient routes.

Complete Inspections Faster

Using Gov2biz for inspections frees your team from having to perform cumbersome paperwork, such as sending report copies to the licensee, scheduling follow-up inspections, completion notifications, and other administrative overheads. Inspectors simply put in their findings and the score, and Gov2biz does the rest.

Valid Questions Only

Gov2biz uses business logic to contextually adjust the questions and present only the valid ones to the inspectors. There is no “skip to question 7 if 3.a is true.” Gov2biz does this automatically so no irrelevant question can be answered, and no required question can be overlooked.


Collect Fines, Penalties Using Online Pay

Get out of the cash handling business. Inspectors can assess penalties and fines using Gov2biz, which licensees can then pay online. No cash to track or lose, no errors, no making change or doing mind math. All payments are automatically applied, tracked, and accounted.

Teamwork Welcome

Whether it is a team of inspectors on site, or a split team across multiple locations or collaboration between on-site and headquarters, it is all possible within Gov2biz. No need for phone calls or emails, collaborate right from within the inspection on Gov2biz.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Use Gov2biz’s automatic follow-up features to create all the necessary email correspondence or even to create automatic follow-up inspection for particularly bad inspection results. Free yourself from the overheads of coordinating a follow-up.


Take It To Legal

Take inspection results all the way to legal for the most egregious violations with the click of a button. Entire case history, activities, notes, results, and all contextual information is packaged neatly for the legal department of your agency to take action, or to conduct a hearing.

Any Device. No App Necessary

Inspectors don’t need to download an app or install any program to use Gov2Biz. They can simply open a web browser, on their standard issue smartphones or tablets, log on to Gov2biz, and get down to business. As there is no app to download, they are always using the most current version. They can use their camera to take pictures for evidence and use location services as needed all from within Gov2biz.