Every agency is different. Your processes are different, your organizational structure, your objective, your mission, your operations are all different. We embrace difference. We follow the philosophy of fitting our solutions to your problems rather than the inverse.

We are tri-lingual

We speak business, technology and government. We don’t hide behind complex sounding technical jargon. We are able to connect with and engage with your users, employees and people at the level they feel their most comfortable. This allows your staff to open up and talk about their specific needs and issues.

We walk a mile in your shoes.

We take the time to listen, read and study your processes. We understand the processes, the rules, the rationale behind the process before we begin providing solutions. By listening to your staff, shadowing them, and reading material that you share with us, we are able to deeply understand your situation and see your perspective.

We solve from expertise

We bring to bear our expertise in business law, regulatory licensing, process engineering and apply our solutions to help you accomplish the project’s scope and help you achieve your mission.  We demonstrate the processes that your peers use, and best practices from other government entities to give your precedents for your decisions, to allow you to leapfrog ahead of your peers.

We do it all ourselves

To allow us to provide the highest degree of customer service, we don’t outsource our implementation. We do it all ourselves. We believe that our customers deserve the absolute best, and we believe that they should have direct access to us. So, despite conventional software industry wisdom, we don’t use implementation partners, but do the entire implementation ourselves.