Non-depository finance industry is complex. Whether it is regulating pawnbrokers, refund anticipation loans, tax lenders, there can be convoluted organizational strucutres and inter-licensee relationships that need to be monitored and regulated.


Gov2biz’s powerful business licensing features and capabilities make it easy for you to collect, collate and process information about organizational structures, and business practices, allowing you to maintain the checks and balances necesssary to effectively regulate this industry.


Complete end to end online license application, payments, amendments, renewals for the licensee. Approvals, cancellations, revocations, holds, suspensions and much more for you.

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Audits & Exams

Everything you need to conduct site inspections and audits, whether pre-licensure, post issuance, market practices violations, routine or on-demand in one place.

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Annual Reporting and Tax

If your regulatory scope includes annual, monthly or quarterly reporting, and/or tax or fee collection, you will find a one-stop solution to all these complexities here.

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Complaints Management

Complaints are a way for the general public to participate. They can warn you about particular licensees. With Gov2biz you can get a complete solution set to receive, process and disposition complaints in one place.

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