Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commisison

Alcohol Industry Management System – AIMS

Gov2biz powers TABC’s Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS). AIMS is a centralized hub for all of TABC’s regulatory functions including : public facing, licensee facing as well as internal operations.

AIMS is a single platform serving : licensing, protests, audits, enforcements, excise taxes, label approvals, complaints, public information as well as accounting.

Gov2biz replaces 18 homegrown and COTS solutions for TABC enabling them to provide better customer service and achieve operational efficiencies.


TABC Key Statistics

$600,000,000 – Biannual Revenue | 84,000 – Licenses | 450 – Employees


AIMS – Industry Preview

Watch the video above where the CIO of TABC unveils AIMS to the industry.

The TABC Licensing Director explain how AIMS will help licensees and TABC in the video below.

In the above video, the Director of Excise tax and marketing practices explain what AIMS will do for TABC.


More than all this

AIMS does more than all this. It serves as the central for case management operations, audits, legal and even the accounting teams.


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