A Complete Platform

Gov2biz is a platform that comprises of a suite of solutions that all work together as one unit, to allow you to operate your entire agency from one platform. Gov2biz aligns to your regulatory objectives, and operational processes to allow you to operate all your departments. Regardless of the industry you regulate, and the level of your government you operate.

Exclusively for the Government

Gov2biz has been designed, architected, built specifically for the government. Our solutions and platform is designed to make it easy for you to run a government agency. They are built with statutory, regulatory and process constraints that apply to you in mind.


While Gov2biz does bring the capability to run all the operations of all your departments in one place, we do understand that you may have existing investments, commitments and/or preferences to perform only business functions on Gov2biz.  All Gov2biz solutions are couple with one another in a way that it gives you the flexibility to activate the business functions that you prefer and let turn off the rest. If you choose to enable other Gov2biz solutions later on, you can always do so.

This gives you the flexibility to start small and evolve over time, or to start with a big bang. See all of Gov2biz’s Solutions 


Fundamentally different

Gov2biz is fundamentally different from comparable software products in the market across the globe.  It is not a catalog of products, but a set of cohesive solutions running on a single platform. The platform itself provides a core of common functionality, that powers all our products and solutions.  We constantly improve and advance the platforms features , attributes and capabilities to amplify the capabilities of all our solutions across the board.


Gov2biz is a SaaS platform. Which means we are constantly improving, evolving and innovating. Whether it is increased compliance to standards, new features, functionality, integrations or usability, our R&D team and product teams are constantly working on enhancing Gov2biz. This allows you to get more and more out of your investments.


Cloud based

Gov2biz is cloud native platform. So, it does more than simply being hosted on the cloud.  It is built to leverage all the capabilities the cloud has to offer. It is hosted on AWS GovCloud. A cloud for government agencies with the most secure payloads. So, if your strategy or goal is to be cloud-first, Gov2biz has got you covered.