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Y&L Consulting

Y&L consulting Inc. is a San Antonio based IT solutions and services firm, and the parent company of Gov2biz. 

Established in 1999, Y&L is the largest technology services company headquartered in South Texas, and serves public sector private sector as well as non-profit customers. Y&L’s focus is the private sector and its customers include 300+ mid-market/large enterprise customers as well as 25 Fortune 500 customers.

Y&L employees over 6000 employees in the United States, and has sales and development centers spread across 5 continents, including several the United States.

Y&L has started up, incubated and spun off 4 companies to serve various sectors.  

Y&L Group of Companies


A regulatory licensing management platform served from the cloud as SaaS.  


Visit gov2biz.com for more.

Sistema Technologies

A minority-owned IT services firm serving State and Local Government Entities.  


Visit sistematechnologies.com for more.


A powerful project portfolio management product served from the cloud.


Visit myPmware.com for more.


A digital customer service firm providing and social media marketing.


Visit spsdgtl.com for more.