State of Alaska Selects Gov2Biz to Transform Alcohol and Marijuana Licensing & Enforcement
  • July 12, 2022

Partnering with Lexum to provide an even more integrated experience to our regulatory agency expereince.
We at Gov2biz are always looking for ways to make it easy for government agencies to accomplish their mission. Sometimes, this translates to refining our existing product’s features, and at other times it means creating new capabilities or even new products.  

Occasionally, we come across products that are complementary to our own. Products that have mastered a niche. Products which, when combined with ours, enrich the experience of our customers, providing them with capabilities or simplifying their work in a way that allows them to better service their constituents. Lexum Inc., is such a company. So, we partnered with them.  

Lexum’s products: “Decisia”. “Qweri” and “Data” fit specific use cases for our customers and have capabilities that complement those of our products, allowing us to jointly serve our customers even better. 

The scope of the partnership 

Our partnership with Lexum, Inc is two pronged. The first – technical integration between our products. This integration will enable our customers to realize a seamless transition from decision making on a license or permit using our products to public posting for FOIA (freedom of information) using Lexum’s products.  

In addition to the technical integration, we will jointly explore opportunities with new customers as affiliate partners.  This includes solicitations, sales, marketing and other business development initiatives. 

The use case for the integration between our products 

 Regulatory licensing agencies use Gov2biz’ products to issue, inspect, investigate, and enforce licenses. Sometimes some enforcement actions result in a revocation, suspension, or cancellations requiring it to be made available to the public. There are also cases when information from other departments such as licensing, taxation, audits, inspections etc, such as credit default, or license applications underway need to be posted publicly. Publishing this information, apart from often being a statutory requirement, also helps reduce the agency’s workload from responding to open records requests or FOIA requests. 

Traditionally, agencies accomplished this by publishing such notices on their website. This process was labor intensive, required them to meddle with their CMS/website. As with any process that requires multiple touch points, there was often a significant delay between the actual decision and the publishing of the data, not to mention errors, ball-drops and frustration.  

The integration between Lexum’s product and Gov2biz’ products will simplify this process. After taking a decision that needs to be made publicly available, the agency can simply push relevant information to Decisia, which will allow them to post information publicly. In addition to this, other integrations between Decisia and Qweri will provide the agency and its constituents with enhanced capabilities like searching for historical postings for legal research. 

For all public postings that are not directly related to licensees and permittees, the agencies will still be able to access Decisia and Qweri’s user interfaces to directly post information publicly. 

The future 

Our products fit together and will provide our mutual customers with a seamless experience, from cradle-to grave. It is a win-win-win situation, for our customers, for Lexum and for us, and that is exactly the way we like it. As both our companies evolve and new technological frontiers become accessible, we will continue looking for opportunities to deepen our partnership. 

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