Gov2biz was born on the cloud. Also known as a cloud native, the cloud was not simply an afterthought, but is in the very fabric of Gov2Biz.

Gov2Biz has been engineered to leverage the ubiquity, flexibility, and availability of the cloud. Constantly being refined, Gov2Biz is designed to leverage the ever-increasing capabilities of the cloud to provide even more extraordinary experiences to our customers and to our customer’s customers.

Gov2Biz is built on Amazon Web Services, and imbibes a large number of its AWS services to deliver an amazing experience through a nimble, efficient, and scalable architecture.


Powered by AWS

Powered by Amazon Webservices, Gov2biz uses AWS for far more than infrastructure. It leverages a large and ever increasing number of its services to provide newer, cutting edge capabilities to our customers. “Best in class” is simply not enough.

USA Based Hosting

All our data and production infrastructure remains within AWS USA regions so you can sleep well at night. Whether your need is a public cloud, or AWS GovCloud, Gov2biz will work just right.

Resilience And Fault Tolerance

Automatic backups and disaster recovery to provide seamless failover. It is built into the very fabric of Gov2biz to give you peace of mind.

Super High Availability

Architected to provide availability up to 99.999% for your instance, per your business needs.

Government Only Cloud

Served straight from the cloud built exclusively for government agencies with the most sensitive payloads, Gov2Biz is served on the AWS GovCloud.

Deliberate Evolution

To truly harness the power of the cloud we keep evolving, leveraging technological advancements, chiseling out things that don’t work as well. We continuously and deliberately evolve to offer you the very best.