Inline upload, cloud storage, view and download all process files from within Gov2biz.

As a regulatory agency you collect a lot of files related to your day to day operations. This may include evidences, attachments to applications, affidavits, proofs, agreements or a myriad other things. Files can also come as images, documents, pdfs, spreadsheets and even engineering plans.

Stored on the Cloud

Gov2biz automatically stores all the files in the cloud. That way, whenever you access your gov2biz system, you can access the files directly, without having to be chained to your desk, or having to access it from a special shared drive.

Inline Uploads

Users, whether your employees, officers, or licensees can upload one or multiple files right from the screen where there is context of why the file is needed. This reduces errors.

Presented in Context

Gov2biz presents all files in context. Rather than simply giving you a file dump, all files are coalesced with their context – why it was uploaded, what is the business process etc. This makes it easier to find and use.

Multi format uploads

Based on your use case, you may need MS Office files, PDFs, images, videos or audio recordings. The Gov2biz platform supports all these files in several formats.

Mobile Access

Access all files pertaining to the application or case you are working on, right your mobile device when you log in. No need to bring paper copies or carry your laptop around.