As a regulatory agency, you need to send out a myriad notifications, ranging from confirmations to reminders from various departments to general communications. With Gov2biz, use the power of technology to make communication painless for you, your employees and your licensees, let alone making it greener and cheaper. A trifecta of victories.

Centralize Notifications

Send all communications from one place. Edit content, events, dates, all online and enjoy the convenience of a fully automated emailing system, all while sparing your tongue the paper cuts.

Texting. OMG! OMG!

Go beyond email. Use the power of text messages to get your licensee’s attention and give them timely, relevant notifications, to spur them into action.

Remind and Re-remind

Use Gov2biz to send out reminders, re-reminders and even re-re-re-re-re-reminders to licensees. Whether it is to renew, update continuous education, file reports, pay fees, pay penalties, or respond to deficiencies. Best of all, do it without even raising a finger.

Deliver On-event Notices

Go beyond reminders. Event based notices, are automatically sent when needed. Say a payment fails, license fails to renew, smart notices will keep licensees in the know.

Keep a record

Enjoy the convenience of having all communications automatically logged, so you can pull it up later for evidence, for review, or just to reminisce.