A robust workflow engine powers all Gov2biz products and solutions. It gives you the power to collaborate in real time and asynchronous across geographical distances and time, while making sure that the ball is never dropped.

Omni Directional Workflow

Collaborate across departments, ranks, and even with licensees. All in real-time, directly from within Gov2biz. No need to send emails.

Real time

Assignments, updates and changes are in real-time, so all your users can collaborate at high speeds, and also up-to-the-second current and make better decisions.

Work Packages

Gov2biz automatically organizes all work into neat work packets, and moves them into specific queues to allow you to focus.

Advanced Meshing

With Gov2biz, spawn additional work packets from within a work item using automatic cross reference. This allows you to retain complete control of a packet while still requesting input or actions from others within your agency.

Intelligent Decision Support

With intelligent decision support, Gov2biz will automatically warn you of other action by the licensee or action being done by your agency on the licensee, so you can make better informed decisions.

Automatic Tracking

Gov2biz automatically records the history of all actions on work packets. So you have a complete audit trail in a single click.


Cutoff Dates

With Gov2biz you can set cutoff dates for all actions so work doesn’t linger. Gov2biz will automatically move items back to you on the cutoff dates so you don’t have to keep waiting.

Automatic Followups

Gov2biz will automatically follow up with assignees with emails to make sure that they have ample reminders before cut off to take action.