Licensing Simplified

Absolutely everything you need to run a licensing agency. Issuance, amendments, renewal and everything in between and beyond.  

Running a licensing department is hard work; you have to deal with different application forms, statutory nuances, looming deadlines, fee calculations, employee schedules, etc. You are also slowed down when licensees send you incomplete forms, missing documents, incorrect fees, and other application errors. To add to that, you have to handle inquiries, follow up on deficiencies, mail reminders and often help applicants understand statute and walk them through applications. We feel you, so we built Gov2biz.

Online form and uploads. instant validation.

With Gov2biz, all your license application forms, amendment forms, supplements, renewal forms are fillable online. Licensees and applicants can get instant feedback about errors. They literally cannot leave any required information off or forget to attach documents. Your business rules are baked in for validation and instant feedback to the applicant. 

Online Payments

Licensees can make online payments for new licenses, amendments, updates, renewals and even pay taxes, fees, penalties directly online. A seamless integration that will save you loads of time, and headaches. Gov2biz will auto calculate the fees so you will never find your bank a penny short or over. 

Gov2biz can integrate with your State’s mandatory payment processor or do the entire processing for you. Your money, your say so.

Review and Process

Not just a great online form filling portal for licensees and applicants, the power of Gov2biz is its capability to make all the information available for you to review and process. All data entered by the applicant, all attachments and all information known about the licensee from prior interactions with your agency are all viewable, available to process, by you. All online. All live. In real time.

Approve or Reject Directly

Go beyond processing, you can make your final decisions whether approve or reject, directly within Gov2biz. The notifications are automatically sent out.  And as information is saved automatically, you can view it when making your future decisions about the license or licensee.

Documents included

Gov2biz automatically stores all the documents that the licensee attaches, or you upload. All uploads are cross linked with the licensee and stored for easy access. They are literally “right there”, you simply can not miss them, and you don’t even have to look. 

Ask more questions

Licensing is an involved and collaborative process, and sometimes, you need more information from the licensee or more documents, photographs or other evidence. With Gov2biz, you can do it all online. You just ask for what you need, and Gov2biz does the notifications, follow-ups, reminders and neatly files the licensee’s responses and attachments along with the original application, for a super-easy-to-use experience. Don’t email or lick a stamp ever again.

Workflows to Collaborate Across Departments

With powerful workflow built in to Gov2biz, you can allocate work to staff within your department based on skill, experience and availability. The approval workflows ensure supervisor reviews and signoffs when needed. You can even collaborate with other departments from within Gov2biz whether to request an additional set of eyes or a specific action.

Powerful Search. Find Anything.

A powerful search that allows you to search anything. Literally. Search by name, half a name, middle 2 digits of social, 1/8th of an address, 1/10th of a phone number or anything else. If you can not find a license using our built-in search, it doesn’t exist.    

Automatic History logging

Gov2biz automatically logs actions you or your licensees take, including routing, changes, uploads information requests, responses, follow ups, actions (and inaction) for you, so you don’t have to keep notes. If you ever need to see or show how something got to the current point, you can simply click a button, and Gov2biz will tell you the who, when, what.