Whether your use case is regulating brand labels or tracking down to the serial numbers, or tracking the use of your insignia, Gov2biz’s label registration will fit you like a glove.

Powered by all the capabilities of the Gov2biz platform, and augmented by product level capabilities such as capabilities to handle alternating proprietorship, contracting agreements, order management etc., it is the only software you need to handle all your label and brand registration needs.

Online Form And Uploads. Instant Validation

With Gov2biz Labels, your label application forms, amendment forms, supplements, renewal forms are all fillable online. Licensees and applicants can get instant feedback about errors.

Baked in Business Rules

Gov2biz Labels “bakes” in your business rules throughout the label lifecycle. The application will only allow specific license holders to apply for certain permits per your rules. Your staff can not accidentally approve an invalid application. Even advanced rules such as alternating proprietorship, contract manufacturing and daisy-chaining of labels can be managed from within Gov2biz Labels.

Online Payments

Licensees can make online payments for new licenses, amendments, updates, renewals and even pay taxes, fees, penalties directly online. A seamless integration that will save loads of time and headaches. Gov2biz will auto calculate the fees so you will never find your bank a penny short or over.

Review And Process

Gov2biz Labels will make all information available for you to review and process – including data entered by the applicant in this application, actual label proofs, other attachments etc. In addition : Gov2biz Labels will automatically cross-reference all other licensee information, other labels and information from other Gov2biz modules that your agency uses to allow you to make an informed decision easily.

Request Information

Sometimes you may need more information or more documents from the applicant based on the specific label application. With Gov2biz Labels, you can do it all online, in real-time. Gov2biz Labels will take care of the notifications, follow-ups, reminders and allows applicants to respond to them online, and keeps you informed.

Powerful Search

A powerful search that enables you to search anything. Whether it is history of labels or information from other Gov2biz products about the licensee, you can do it all from the same interface. With partial searches, and numerous field combinations, you can find the most obscure piece of information easily.

Automatic History Logging

Gov2biz automatically logs actions you or licensees take, including routing, changes, uploads, information requests, responses, follow-ups, actions (and inaction), so you never have to keep notes. If you ever need to see or show how something got to the current point, simply click a button, and Gov2biz will tell you the who, when, what.