Health and human services sit at the heart of our society. Regulating a wide variety of essential services from medical professionals, aging related services, family protection, disability related services.

This is also an industry that often sees humanity at its most vulnerable and also at its worst. From human trafficking to abuse to gut wrenchingly emotional cases, HHS professionals deal with them on a day to day.

Gov2biz brings the tools you need in one place, to make your job a little easier, allowing you to serve the society, without having to worry about paperwork and systems.

With Gov2biz you will get licensing, criminal case management, human case management, complaint management and much more all in one place.



Complete end to end online license application, payments, amendments, renewals for the licensee. Approvals, cancellations, revocations, holds, suspensions and much more for you. Whether it is business licensing or professional licensing, you will find everything you need.

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Criminal Case Management

A law enforcement grade case management system within Gov2biz. Complete with watchlists, arrest management, evidences, thorough case documentation from minor stings to joint ops.

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Health and Human Case Management

A complete case management system to track health and human service cases. Track child protection cases, mental and physical disability cases all in one place.

Audits and Inspections

Everything you need to conduct site inspections whether routine or on-demand in one place. Scheculing, performing, following up, all from within one platform.

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Complaint Management

Complaints are a way for the general public to participate. They can warn you about bad actors, give you early warning signs, but they are also fraught with noise. With Gov2biz you can get a complete solution set to receive, process and disposition complaints in one place, while eliminating noise.

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