The complex regulatory and reporting requirements, seed-to-sale process transparency requirements, and the implications of CSA and the BSA and banking institutions add some unique challenges to efficiently regulating marijuana.

Gov2Biz’s Cannabis Regulation Suite is designed to empower government agencies with the tools needed to streamline the licensing and simplify enforcement of cannabis regulation.


Simplify cannabis licensing for all license types—manufacturers, cultivators, handlers, dispensaries, and retailers with built-in features for tracking complex relationships across the entire gamut of cannabis licenses and permits.


Online Portal

Streamline cannabis licensing with user-friendly self-service portals for licensees and a robust workflow-centric portal for regulatory agency personnel to efficiently review, manage, and process applications.



Enhance inspection efficiency through a fully integrated inspection toolset with on-site and remote inspection workflows incorporating risk management, penalties, and settlements.


Protest and Complaints

Enable the public to submit complaints and protests regarding licensees. Gov2Biz offers a centralized system for managing and tracking these concerns from initial receipt to final disposition.



Track and manage cases efficiently with a robust investigative case management suite with watchlists, evidence management, case flow, penalties, settlements, suspensions and more.


Revenue Tax

Effortlessly handle taxes through a comprehensive suite that seamlessly covers assessment, collection, reconciliation, auditing, and processing, ensuring a smooth and integrated approach to tax management.


Two-way Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with third-party, state or local systems, leading seed to sales systems, etc. to ensure you have up-to-date data for effective cannabis regulation.


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