Providing employment to a very high number of people this the barber and cosmetology industry provide an essential service to the society. However, this industry has its unique challenges – high volume of permit holders, incredibly high churn, this industry is fraught with human trafficking and malpractices.

With Gov2biz you will have the toolset to regulate this industry effectively.

Licensing and Permitting

Complete end to end online license application, payments, amendments, renewals for the licensee. Approvals, cancellations, revocations, holds, suspensions and much more for you.

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Continuing Education

Pre-licensure and post-licensure continuing education management in one place. With Gov2biz you can manage minimal education requirements, continuing education credits, correlate education with new issuances and renewals and do much more. With in-built reminders and integrated business rules its everything you will need to manage even the most complex education requirements.


Complaints are a way for the general public to participate. They can warn you about bad actors, give you early warning signs, but they are also fraught with noise. With Gov2biz you can get a complete solution set to receive, process and disposition complaints in one place, while eliminating noise.

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Everything you need to conduct site inspections whether routine or on-demand in one place. Scheculing, performing, following up, all from within one platform.