Public Safety agencies are vital to every state. They allow residents and businesses to enjoy their freedom safely.

The scope of their operations can vary greatly. From completely centralized organizations with multiple sub-departments overseeing specific operations to a decentralized operating model, their scope and size can vary from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

No matter how complex your regulatory scope and objectives are, and how your of how your agency is organized you will find everything you need to run your agency in one place.



Licensing and Permitting

If your regulatory scope includes licensing and/or permitting –  whether it for firearms, cannabis, controlled substances, or permits for instructors you will find all the features you need with Gov2biz

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Investigative Case Management

From shoulder taps to major stings and joint ops. Everything you would possibly need to coduct complete investigations all in one place.

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Complaints and Protests

Anonymous complaints, tip offs, named complaints and every other variety of complaints along with the capabilities to manage them from end to end, come out of the box with Gov2biz.

Complaint Management