Complaint handling and processing is a critical customer service function of licensing agencies. However, it can also be emotionally draining, filled with noise of un-actionable complaints, and suffer from skewed metrics as it depends on the action of other departments within an agency or different agencies altogether. It is however, a very valuable source of tip offs on violations and crime.

With Gov2biz ComplaintsManager, filter the noise, enable expedient processing, and provide excellent customer service all in one place.

Online Complaints

Citizens can simply go online and log a complaint either anonymously or with their contact information. Gov2biz ComplaintsManager helps complainants separate the complaint, the expected resolution and the complaint’s identifying information. This helps to process complaints faster because they are complete, better organized and linked to a valid licensee.

Process Complaints from End-to-End

Make better informed decisions with Gov2biz ComplaintsManager by automatically associating each complaint with a specific license. This provides easy access to historical complaint information, such as inspections and investigative activities against the licensee. The complaints are automatically tagged with the right chapter, sub-chapter, and other relevant labels to help with reporting.

Hear Both Sides of the Story

Rest assured that the complainant’s identifying and contact information is not available to the licensee with Gov2Biz’s built-in fail-safe. You get the efficiency of data sharing, while still retaining confidentiality. This controlled sharing frees you up from translating complaints and enables you to process and close complaints faster.

Utilize Complete Visibility

Some complaints, by their very nature, are long and drawn out, making them difficult to keep track of. Many times, these simply slip through the cracks, only to be found much later and long overdue. Eliminate this issue by using Gov2biz  ComplaintsManager, which automatically keeps track of all items and ensures that they reach their logical end through automatic notifications, alerts, and re-routing.

Eliminate Overhead with Automatic Follow-Up

Have peace knowing that Gov2biz automatically follows up and even escalates complaints that have not been acted upon for a specified period. Whether it is the licensee, the investigator, the complaints analyst or anyone else who needs to act, Gov2biz will automatically send notifications and even raise an alarm at the right time, so complaints don’t go stale.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Gov2biz ComplaintsManager provides the ability to collaborate with other departments within an agency or to assign work to investigators. Create dispatch officers or escalate a complaint to another department – do it all from one place. Using Gov2biz’s  powerful workflow, you can track, split, route assignments and watch them go through their lifecycle

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Filter out the noise and separate “complaints” from “complaining”.  Out of the box triaging makes it easy to remove the frivolous and out of scope complaints to quick closure and focus efforts on processing serious complaints and violations.

QR Complaints

Gov2biz embeds QR codes on all licenses (optional) that will allow complainants to scan and file a complaint easily. This will tremendously cut down incorrectly attributed complaints and save you precious time, all while providing better customer service to licensees and complainants.