Taxation is the primary source of revenue for most states.  Depending on the state’s law, revenue and taxation can be centralized under one agency or distributed across agencies, or a use a hybrid model. Regardless of where your agency sits, and how complex your regulatory objective and how vast  your regulatory scope is, you will find everything you need to run your agency in one place.



If your operational scope does include licensing and/or registration whether it is issuing tax id numbers, registration certificates dba certificates or any other business licenses, you will find all the features to run that department from within Gov2biz

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Scheduling, reminders, delinquency management, online filing, calculations, reconciliation, penalties and more. Everything you will ever need all in one place with Gov2biz.

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Importation & port of entry

If your regulatory scope includes taxing imports, or port of entry (air, land or sea) you will fine your a complete tool set including point of sale operations, online processing and reporting with Gov2biz.

Port of Entry


A robust toolset for audits to allow you to identify tax evasion, misreporting, accounting malpractices all from within the same platform as all your other agency operations.