Orchestrated to deliver results

Gov2biz’ core platform harmonizes all our products, enforcing loose coupling and tight cohesion among them.

Most products in the market that “compete” with us, are just that – “products”. Even if built by the same company, these products behave differently from each other, don’t easily share information amongst themselves, have different looks and feel, and are simply disjointed. This disjointed nature affects you. It requires a lot of process inefficiencies, data silos, non-fungibility, and inconsistent user experience.

Gov2biz’s platform model and architecture fundamentally eliminate this possibility.


Platform Benefits

Encapsulation of Technical functions

The platform encapsulates all technical functions, and capabilities and makes them available to all our products. This separation ensures that the underlying technical capabilities are unaffected by business use cases.

Ensure interoperability

Enforcing controls that all the products are required to adhere to the platform ensures that all products can “talk” to each other, exchange data as needed, and maintain a consistent operational paradigm from on-screen and under the hood.


By reducing the net lines of code, and the inevitable complexities of large code bases, the platform increases the ease of maintenance and ease of technical updates.

Platform Vs Product

  • Delivers business capability

  • Directly visible to users

  • Specific to business functionality

  • Some variances between customers

  • Driven by customer requirements

  • Enables business functionality

  • Invisible to users (directly)

  • Independent of functionality

  • Does not vary between customers

  • Driven by Product Strategy

Platform Key Highlights

AWS GovCloud Hosted

Gov2biz is hosted on GovCloud. A government only AWS region, compiant with rigorous compliance frameworks and used by federal agencies with the most sensitve workloads.

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Cloud Native

Gov2biz was born on the cloud, not “lifted and shifted”. This allows Gov2biz to leverage the capabilities inherent to the cloud.

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AWS Qualified Software

AWS Qualified Software

A prestigious designation awarded afer a rigorous review by Amazon’s own architects against AWS’s Well Architected Framework

Microsoft Technologies

The Gov2biz platform is built on a Microsoft Technologies stack, the technology stack trusted by companies and governments across the globe

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Technical Capabilities

Centralized technical capabilities that power use cases across projects

Identity & Access Management

A complete, self-contained, centralized IAM for SSO, Federated Authentication, Role based security, MFA and more.

Document Management

A self-contained, cloud native, redundant, elastic file storage system to store files of various formats and sizes, across use cases.

Artifical Intelligence

Speech to text, text to speech, image recognition, text parsing, predictive modeling and more to power many use cases

Integration Hub

A hub to support general availability and custom integrations for secure, scalable and reliable data interchange

Game Changing Reporting

Powerful reporting for the most demanding reporting needs and the most discerning customers

Live Dashboards

Live, up to the second dashboards for real time information

Conversational Reporting

Business users can ask questions in natural language and get data

Insights and Predictions

AI Powered trend analysis, business insights and projections


Datastore to export data into your own custom data warehouses

Powered by AWS

The Gov2biz platform is hosted on AWS. All production instances are hosted exclusively on AWS GovCloud.

Beyond simply hosting, Gov2biz leverages numerous native IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services on AWS infrastructure, monitoring, security, compliance, computing, etc.

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Let us show you how Gov2biz can help you leapfrog generations of technology.