Gov2biz offers a complete law enforcement grade case management system. Handle everything from simple shoulder-taps to joint operations and major stings ops, minor breaches to complex crime syndicates, pre-licensure inspections, complaint follow-ups or scheduled inspections all within a “walled-off” case management system.

Generate case reports, activity reports, use complex workflow, silent flags, watchlists, set case sensitivities, and everything else from one system, all while able to assist other departments, and getting the latest information from the licensees and customer facing departments.

Complaint Processing End to End

Complete capability to receive online complaints, offline complaints, tip-offs, anonymous complaints, and the capability to triage them to filter out noise. Notify the complainant, or pursue investigations, get all of these within Gov2biz.

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Full lifecycle of investigations

Powerful features set to allow the ability to perform comprehensive investigations. Whether it is one officer or multiple investigators collaborating, our system makes it easy to log operations, daily activities, violations etc. Use internal routing to run a case through chain of command, assign penalties, dispositions, field settlements etc. All this and more with integrated workflow, history tracking, logging etc.


Integrated Evidence Management

Log internal and external evidences, cross reference them with cases, and track their lifecycle, chain of custody all from within one system. A true integrated experience allows you to easily associate existing or new evidence with one or more cases, and puts safeguards in place to protect the evidence.


Criminal and Administrative Penalties

Issue administrative penalties, criminal penalties, suspensions, fines, and make sure they are paid and/or observed. Use integrated alerts and workflow routing to get beat or field officers to visit the location or finance department for collections and alert the licensing department.

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Person of Interest

Law enforcement deals with people. People who could be victims, witnesses, suspects, external collaborators, or unknown faceless persons of interest. People can also simultaneously be connected to multiple cases being a suspect in one and a witness in another.  With Gov2biz you can log and “manage” people using their association, aliases, identifications, physical characteristics etc.


Hearing, Legal and Appeals

With Gov2biz you get a complete toolset to handle all possible outcomes of a case, whether it is going to the district attorney, a prosecutor, in-house legal team or state office of administrative hearings, or even an internal audit. Generate case files with all the evidence, activities, history, ops with the click of a single button, and even route the case with other users within your agency.

Self reporting

Allow licensees to report breach of peace, arrests, lawsuits, violations etc. Automatically receive alerts, investigate, and dispose of them. You can choose to be alerted, or an automatically flag them.

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Watchlist Management

Set up a silent watchlist of licensees, permittees, non-licensees, addresses, businesses etc., and get alerts for changes, requests, or activities. Our integrated allow and block capabilities make it simple and easy to be involved in all transactions related to the licensee or permittee across any department.