Gov2biz offers a complete port of entry solution, complete with a device independent POS. Go beyond cash handling and card swipes. Gov2biz port of entry includes taxation, disallow, destruction, cash management and financial reporting and accounting.

With Gov2biz Port of Entry, you can use smartphones, tablets, kiosks as well as desktops. Accept credit cards, debits, near field payments and electronic wallets. Say goodbye to traditional point of sale systems that have been “stretched to fit you,” and enjoy a truly all-encompassing solution that has been built specifically for government port of entry operations.


Mobile Point of Sale

A completely mobile point of sale experience to allow agents to be out and about while speeding up the lines. Our technology needs no apps but provides a rich experience for agents to take care of business, including allowing, disallowing, destruction and payment processing. All from a POS system that works on existing smart phones, without the need to be tethered to desks.

Device Independence

Free yourself from purchasing expensive point of sale systems and being locked into long term contracts with hardware manufacturers or suppliers. Use your own agency issued devices as a mobile point of system or use a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for operations, all with no loss of functionality.

Express Entry

Speed up counter-turn time, accelerate line movement, get paid faster and provide “tweetably good” customer service all in one stroke. With Gov2biz’s express entry, entrants can self-declare ahead of time and speed through the port of entry.  A completely touchless experience that will free your time and ease your mind.

Contraband Seizure and Destruction

Traditional POS systems fail with their inability to account for contraband. Disallowing, seizure, and the checks and balances related to destruction are activities specific to port of entry. With Gov2biz POE, you get all these processes out of the box and the workflows, reports and supporting tools with the ability to run everything from one place.

Supervisor Audits

The human labor intensive nature, access to seized goods and cash makes port of entry prone to pilferage and misappropriation. Strict audit controls are required but are usually done on paper. With Gov2biz POE, you can do it all from within one system – set up audits, perform them, record discrepancies etc.

Alerts and Workflows

Get automatic alerts when registers are closed with overages or underages, use workflow to perform and track destruction witnessing, register audits etc. The built-in automatic logging and integrated processing capabilities will allow you to operate the entire POE operations from one system, and give a treasure trove of data on agent performance.