Regulatory licensing comes in many forms, it can either be the sole objective or a sub-objective of a regulatory agency. Whether it is to balance supply-demand, or to manage the quality and or safety of a specific industry or to otherwise regulate an industry or group of industries.

With Gov2biz you will find all the solutions you  need to run the different departments of a regulatory agency in one place.

Licensing Issuance & Amendments

Online applications, payments, issuances, renewals and amendments as well as back-office regulatory capabilities such as flagging, revocation, suspension, holding, blocklisting, all come out of the box in Gov2biz.

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Complaint Management

A complete toolset for end to end complaints processing. Receiving, processsing dispositioning, investigating and much more, all in one place with Gov2biz.  With support for anonymous complaints, proxy complaints, protests, online and offline complaints, and elaborate investigative tools everything you could possibly need for processing complaints, come out of the box with Gov2biz.

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Inspections & Audits

Whether your regulatory scope dictates a site visit for premise compliance review, a virtual visit or an audit of financial records and operations, you will find all the tools to be able to perform these from one place with Gov2biz.

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